Claire & Avo... Sunshine & Speeches...

It was a long drive the night before to Carnforth, and it did not disappoint, a lovely village and the sun was out.

The day was great fun, and both Avo & Claire are all fun and laughter, which made it a pleasure to capture. I was also lucky enough to witness what has to be one of the best speeches i have ever heard, see merger below :)



Nece & Jay... just awesome...

Nece and Jay are a wonderful pair, Nece was super organised and created a beautiful wedding day and reception, both of which I had the great pleasure of capturing.

I met them at Kaush & Aaliyah's wedding that some of you may remember (they had 32 events...) and the presence of their friends and family made the days great fun, full of emotion, and some great dance moves!

Below are images from Missenden Abbey and then a week later at the Millennium in London.

Missenden Abbey...


The Reception at the Millennium...


Sonia & Ronak... The reception...

And so concludes the marathon... :)




Sonia & Ronak... The wedding day...

Introducing at last... Ronak... and Sonia.

This was the wedding day, and it was an emotion filled day with laughter and of course, the mandatory dancing!



Sonia & Ronak... Its all about family...

Introducing Sonia & Ronak, well, only Sonia in this blog (do not worry Ron, your moment is coming...). They had several events, and below are images from Sonia's Ladies Sangeet and Mayaan.

They are a wonderful family who I see a lot of ;) and I had so much fun at these events, as I know they did, they never stop dancing!