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Hey, thanks for visiting the site & check out the blog for regular updates on my work and all things photography.

I cover wedding and event photography, you can view my work by clicking on the 'Blogtastic' link above and go through the various images in each of the different galleries to get a feel for my style and approach, please feel free to leave comments about my work through the blog above.

The passion i harbor for photography is something very personal. I have been taking pictures ever since i can remember and i do it because i enjoy it, not because i have to do it.

My work... the more natural, clean and simple it is, the better.  I go about it in as unobtrusive and discrete manner as possible, thats when you get honesty from your subjects, when they can relax and be themselves. My work is about simplicity and honesty with my own personal take on what i see behind the lens, trying to look for the things that we pass by and miss in our constant rush.

The work of Cartier-Bresson and many other great classic Magnum photographers have been an inspiration and constantly challenge and shape the way i look at pictures.  I would say to anyone who has an inkling for photography to check out the myriad of journalistic work here. To say i take on a journalistic style would absolutely true and its when i can work with this freedom that i can create some of my best work.  However there is a balance that needs to be achieved through the journalistic style versus the art and technical challenge of the coreographed and composed, that is an art in itself.

Anyway, take a look at my work.